Art is a Spirit

It mirrors the beauty and the mystery of creation

Art is a Spirit

Art is a spirit that dwells in the soul
It manifests itself in various forms and shapes
It can be a painting, a song, a dance, or a poem
It can be a vision, a sound, a movement, or a word

Art is a spirit that transcends the mundane
It elevates the mind and the heart to higher realms
It inspires, challenges, comforts, and heals
It expresses, communicates, connects, and reveals

Art is a spirit that reflects the divine
It mirrors the beauty and the mystery of creation
It celebrates, honors, praises, and worships
It imitates, innovates, transforms, and subverts

Oba Adio

Oba Adio is an Afrocentric film aficionado. A Pan-African at heart. And an advocate for proper representation of African Spirituality and values in Arts

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