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ELESIN OBA: Why The Late Biyi Bandele’s Visual Representation Of Wole Soyinka’s Book Is A Work Of Art And A Masterpiece [Movie Review]

ELESIN OBA: Why The Late Biyi Bandele’s Visual Representation Of Wole Soyinka’s Book Is A Work Of Art And A Masterpiece

In my passive and active years in the media and entertainment (Film) industry, I’ve realized that almost everybody will have their “Opinion” about your work (script/film/content), but only “FEW” has “EDUCATED OPINION”.

Many people who are critical of the film, “Elesin Oba”, reviewed it based on personal references, uneducated parameters and opinion as far as Art and Film are concerned. A Story Climax that leaves a question or two unanswered and some emotion unfulfilled is an “OPEN ENDING” in storytelling.

The question “Why did Olunde, the character played by Deyemi Okanlawon called his father a greedy and unprincipled man, when he’s actually the victim?” I’m sure Biyi Bandele and Mo Abudu are aware that the answers would be found in the privacy of what I called “Post-Film Thoughts.” It’s a deliberate and wise move.

Elesin Oba is a film designed as a “Miniplot” which often leaves the ending somewhat open contrary to a “Archplot” film. An unanswered question and emotional residue always trail out of a Miniplot film, leaving the audience to supply it subsequent to viewing.

At the Climax of Elesin Oba the relationship of Olunde and his father are left unresolved, intentionally. What Biyi Bandele did is called “Minimalist Storytelling” where you deliberately gives the last critical bit of work to the audience.

It’s not everyone that can give constructive feedback. So, I’ve learned through the crucible of unpleasant experiences, how to distinguish between “Noise” and “Educated Opinion”. Also between “Hype” and true “Value.” So, contrary to the negative review, Elesin Oba is indeed a work of art and a masterpiece

Kolapo Mustapha (Writer/Director & Film Analyst)

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Kolapo Mustapha

Kolapo Mustapha is a Writer, Director and Film Analyst. He's also a Story Consultant and Script Editor who is passionate about storytelling and filmmaking. An Alumni of EbonyLife Creative Academy, where he studied "The Art of Screenwriting" (2021), "Visual Post-Production" (2022) and "Directing" (2023). He also studied "Sound Design" at Terraculture Academy and "Introduction into Filmmaking" at KAP Academy. He also works as a freelance Content Creator and Political Analyst for Opera News Hub Nigeria. He has written several films, both short and feature length (and TV series), with the likes of "TAINTED LOVE" "SCARRED" "LOOSING BATTLE" "TAINTED BLOOM" "ELASTIC LOVE" "TWO WRONGS" "MISDIRECTION" "OMOLASO" and "FOREVER SO LONG(Season 1&2)'. He has directed three short films so far. "JOURNEY TO FREEDOM" "ENIGMA" and "IMOLE." ENIGMA has received official selections from film festivals beyond African countries. It's his passion to tell (make films) that will captured the African society and tell our unique stories with global audience. He has also received training in various stages of film and television production and subsequently got involved in various productions at different capacities, which has made him well-versed in all aspects of filmmaking process, from pre-production to post-production. He also believed that film could be used as a tool for social change, because visual storytelling do not only possess the ability to change an individual but a nation.

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