In My Entire Career, I Have Not Met A Person Like Ms. Najite – Niyi Akinmolayan

I have worked with almost everyone in the industry, and in my entire, career I have not met a person like Ms Najite

In My Entire Career, I Have not Met A Person Like Ms. Najite – Niyi Akinmolayan

After calling it a wrap on the set of THE HOUSE OF SECRETS; a production of Anthill Studios, Niyi Akinmolayan, Founder / Creative Director at Anthill Studios made an effort on his Instagram page to eulogize the creative prowess of Najite Dede, one of the cast in the movie project.

Niyi remarked in the midst of the cheering cast and crew “I must say this and I want it on record. Guys, I’ve been doing this thing for I don’t know 15, 16 years, I have worked with almost everyone in the industry, and in my entire career I have not met a person like… Ms. Najite… The professionalism, the humility, the love for the craft, I have never seen it before in my life. Thank you very much, I am so glad we made this choice, I am so glad we made this decision. And I want you to know that you are a full-time member of the Anthill family. We can’t wait to do this with you again and again.”

Najite, who plays Sarah in the House of Secrets, is one of the most revered Nollywood stars, who has carved a nitch for herself in the industry as a Theatremaker, Dancer Choreographer, Actor, and Director. She’s without a doubt, one of the most flexible Actors around. Her movie and television credits include The Upside Your Head Show, All About Ere, Prince of the Savannah, Bar Beach Blues, and Ojo’s in D’ House, a sitcom.

As though the verbal accolade wasn’t enough, the Founder of Anthill Studios wrote on his IG:
“Nollywood needs @najitedede. I want her on everything!!! Can’t remember when last I felt this much joy working with an actor. I always get excited when it’s her scene because she brings everything and more. And because she understands that this work takes a lot from us, she makes it even worth the wahala by being a pleasant person to work with. Always wanting to contribute, make the film better, make the work move faster. A delight with all crew! A beautiful human. Kai!
Nollywood needs more Najites.
She is Sarah in #TheHouseOfSecrets”

Najite’s character makes the craft beautiful and adorable. Such an individual is the darling of Directors. And Nollywood needs more of such. No Director or filmmaker would love to be intimidated on his/her set.

Oba Adio

Oba Adio is an Afrocentric film aficionado. A Pan-African at heart. And an advocate for proper representation of African Spirituality and values in Arts

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