Nigerian Surfers Brave Oil Pipelines, Tankers To Catch Waves

Surfing aficionados Michael Gabriel and his friends are undeterred by the coming and going of oil tankers, too focused on catching the next wave as they paddle through the waters of Lagos.

Tarkwa Bay has become a hotspot for young people seeking an escape from their daily grind.

Taking part in one of the first national surfing competitions in Nigeria, young men and women showed off their moves in front of friends watching from the shore.

The sport is still far from being as popular as it is in other African countries such as Senegal, South Africa or Morocco.

But 20-year-old Gabriel is determined to become “a champion”.

“Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not next month, but I believe one day I will become a champion,” he said.

Children as young as six are already practising on small boards, looking up to the likes of Gabriel who says he has been surfing every day for seven years.

A fishing village only accessible by boat, Tarkwa Bay is one of the only leisure spots in Lagos.

Source: ChannelsTelevision

Photo Credit: Alan Van Gysen

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