Spotting the Difference Between A Producer, Line Producer, Production Manager, and Assistant Director (AD)

Spotting the Difference Between A Producer, Line Producer, Production Manager, and Assistant Director (AD)

In the film industry, there are different types of producers who have different roles and responsibilities. Here is a brief overview of the difference between a film producer, a line producer, a production manager, and an assistant director (AD).

A film producer is the person who initiates, coordinates, supervises, and manages the creation and production of a film. They are involved in all phases of production, from inception to completion. They may also be involved in financing, distribution, marketing, and creative aspects of the film. A film producer may work independently or for a production company or studio.

A line producer is the person who oversees everything “below the line”, meaning the people on the crew other than the producers, directors, screenwriters, and principal cast. They are responsible for managing the budget, hiring the crew, securing the locations, scheduling the shoot dates, and ensuring that everything runs smoothly during production. A line producer may also be called a production manager or a production supervisor, depending on the project.

A production manager is the person who manages the day-to-day logistics of a film production. They work closely with the line producer and the first assistant director (1st AD) to coordinate the equipment rentals, transportation, catering, accommodation, permits, insurance, and other services. They also keep track of the expenses and report to the line producer.

An assistant director (AD) is the person who assists the director in running the set. They work closely with the line producer and the production manager to ensure that the shooting schedule is followed and that everything is ready for each scene. They also direct the background actors, communicate with the other departments, and handle any emergencies that may arise on set. There are usually three levels of assistant directors: first (1st AD), second (2nd AD), and third (3rd AD).

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