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The Enigmatic Power of Caesar: Lessons in Authority and Compliance

The Enigmatic Power of Caesar: Lessons in Authority and Compliance

The Wisdom of Caesar’s Tribute
Consider the age-old wisdom: ‘Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and God what belongs to God.’ This adage carries a profound message, one that transcends the boundaries of time and place.

Fishing for Caesar’s Coin
Amid our contemplation of the enigmatic nature of Caesar’s dominion, we discover a tale of a sage guiding his pupil to pay taxes to a source of power and authority that defied comprehension. They, mentor and protégé, utilizing funds from an equally enigmatic source, embarked on a peculiar endeavor by casting a fishing line from the vicinity of a bank. Remarkably, it was from the mouth of a fish that Caesar’s coin was retrieved, serving as a vivid illustration that the inexplicable is intricately interwoven into the very fabric of our existence.

The Covenant of Taxation
In this realm, it is not the transparency of an entity’s funding sources that earns them Caesar’s coveted righteousness; rather, it is their unwavering commitment to the sacred contract of tax payment. To be declared flawless and righteous, one need only pledge allegiance to Caesar’s tax regime, a covenant that transcends all other considerations. In Caesar’s kingdom, the contract itself is the beacon of virtue, guiding these chosen entities towards an exalted state of flawlessness.

The Golden Darlings of Caesar’s Treasury
These privileged entities, their contributions substantial and punctual, are elevated to a celestial status. Under Caesar’s benevolent gaze, they become untouchable, shielded by a legion of policies and an unwavering police force. In this world, they walk a path devoid of stumbling blocks, their every move safeguarded against the slightest misstep, for they are the golden darlings of Caesar’s treasury.

Challenging Caesar’s Authority
As we grapple with Caesar’s assertions, particularly his control over the democracy franchise, veiled in mystery, we feel compelled to withhold our compliance unless they align with this overarching inexplicable force.

The Role of Skepticism
To do otherwise would be an act of disloyalty, not only to Caesar but also to the divine force that empowers him to make such cryptic proclamations. This leads us to a pivotal question: Has Nigeria, as Caesar’s realm, witnessed leaders like Tinubu recognizing the need to restore what rightfully belongs to Caesar?

Engaging the Dubious Entity
I contend that effectively countering a ‘dubious entity’ requires a measured dose of skepticism. Resistance alone fuels its existence; it thrives on attention. To confront such a force, we must engage it on its own enigmatic terms, compelling the dubious to face its own mysteries.

Tinubu and Caesar’s Kingdom
Within the context of seeking first Caesar’s kingdom and all its righteousness, particularly his tax regime, Tinubu may indeed be that perfectly flawless one, the righteous one, worthy to give back to Caesar what is duly Caesar’s. This goes to show that one would need a bank’s premises to fully set up a fishing company as espoused by the sage.

Caesar’s Currency and Doubt
The Presidency franchise is the only currency with Caesar’s seal of approval. Therefore, if we must come to Caesar, we must come bearing his currency. And when Caesar himself begins to doubt the authenticity of the coin we return to him through Tinubu’s presidency, it signals the start of Caesar’s descent into obscurity, the beginning of his ‘flee.’ This, in essence, provides a powerful means to challenge the existing order and usher in a new era of enlightenment. But until then, let’s not withhold that which is solely Caesar’s from Caesar.

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Achor Yusuf is an alumnus of the National Film Institute Jos in Nigeria. He obtained a Diploma and a Bachelor’s Degree Certificate(s) in Motion Picture Production/Industrial Design from the great citadel of learning. Achor began his professional film career in the year 2005, and has since then built a large body of works to his credit. In 2014, Achor produced four Films for the BBC Media Action, tagged “Enhancing Nigerians Response to HIV/AIDS”. He also produced a 25-part episode drama series entitled “A Band of Five” for ONTV (Cable Network). Towards the end of 2014 and early 2015, he directed the EbonyLife Television Programme “Desperate Housewives Africa.” He is also the Consulting Director of ART@TACK FILM ACADEMY, a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative of the ART@TACK STUDIOS, He is currently a visiting lecturer at the National Film Institute Jos, where he lectures advanced film directing

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