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The History

Millions of our forefathers were MISLED
With another man's culture they were FED
Oh the influence of power I DREAD
It came to Africa and and my culture became DEAD

We are narrowed to a religious thought on a FRIDAY
Nailed to another man's religion on a SUNDAY
Another man's religion is now our heaven's WAY
Repent now! They say or with your soul you will PAY

Our path are forever lost in the books of HISTORY
Deep stories that will never ever again be TOLD
With our generation that is always in a HURRY
Our tradition has become that of OLD

Shango my Alaafin was very BRAVE
He changed the world and took Oyo out of primitive CAVE
We grew beyond the shores to even Cot d'Ivoire oh! The truth I CRAVE
Now my hero is a demon and even His own descendant bears DAVE

Power... That made man of God the God of MAN
For his sheep, he does not have any good PLAN
Yet they bring all the tithes and offerings to his BARN
Preaches to all but only a few can come to his CLAN

Power, the stodgy spirit that makes the smart one a MORON
Even when he sees danger ahead, he still carries ON
We are doomed to be poor before we were BORN
Watching us in epidemic penury is to them a great FUN

Power that puts the dead colonial master in CHARGE
They are long dead but our consciousness is at LARGE
Is it not when we bring together what we know to MERGE
That the true greatness of Africa will EMERGE?

They came here and our fathers lost CONTROL
Take took our wealth and gave us in return a Fish ROLL
We can never matter in their opinion POLL
We own crude oil, yet they still sell us PETROL

I will wait to learn the essence of WISDOM
For we need it to revive our African KINGDOM
For hundreds of years we have been raped without CONDOM
The way to our powers is to dance to the rythm of our sacred DRUM

Abayomi Rotimi Mighty

Abayomi Mighty is an International Public Speaker, Development Expert and a Political Strategist. He has worked in various top capacities and have made his landmark in the NGO/Development world. He was the National Youth Leader of the Nigerian Intervention Movement led by Olisa Agbakoba, a member of the National Steering Committee of the Coalition of United Politcal Parties and a well respected Top Consultant in the areas of Development. He's a Founder and a Member of so many Movements which Include The Agenda 2023 and the fastest growing 4Th Tribe Global Movement.

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