The Slavery

Our future had been forgotten in our YESTERDAY We have called Holy Ghost thunder to fire our FOREFATHERS

The Slavery

They entered our lands and killed US
They made our kings to work like a condemned HORSE
We feared their whips, so we worked harder with FORCE
It was suffering with no sign of PAUSE

Our Crown was our PRIDE
Our deities were our GUIDE
Good was everywhere, the evil ones did HIDE
Within a century, all our beliefs have DIED

Their Crown remains the GREATEST
Our Crowns compare to a Local Government is the LOWEST
What's the difference between our Monarchs and the QUEEN?
But the power equation made us loose for they always WIN

Our future had been forgotten in our YESTERDAY
We have called Holy Ghost thunder to fire our FOREFATHERS
All our ancestors are evil so we must PRAY
Now the Spirits of our forefathers watches us with DISMAY

By one man's crafty thinking, we were captured and SOLD
Our strength and wealth made their country richer than GOLD
Our ancestors built their lands yet they were still KILLED
They saw them as nothing though they were very SKILLED

I was told they don't want us to KNOW
For our greatness is if we get the FLOW
Ignorance is making everything SLOW
What a shame, we may never ever GROW

Power... Made available only to fools in AFRICA
Reason they always go back to the Slave MASTER
Paul Kagame has shown us the way to GREATNESS
We must arise and grab power in FULLNESS

In all these, I can still see the LIGHT
Only if we can learn from the past and make things RIGHT
For they have programmed us to always FIGHT
Which divides us and reduces our MIGHT

What a continent with so much SUFFERING
Corruption not dying always EVOLVING
Poverty so much with good people DYING
We can try, and maybe keep on TRYING

There is so much HOPE
We will do everything possible to COPE
In all these confusion there is a light ROPE
For amongst the so called corrupt... God is raising a POPE.

History is another good read from the same author

Abayomi Rotimi Mighty

Abayomi Mighty is an International Public Speaker, Development Expert and a Political Strategist. He has worked in various top capacities and have made his landmark in the NGO/Development world. He was the National Youth Leader of the Nigerian Intervention Movement led by Olisa Agbakoba, a member of the National Steering Committee of the Coalition of United Politcal Parties and a well respected Top Consultant in the areas of Development. He's a Founder and a Member of so many Movements which Include The Agenda 2023 and the fastest growing 4Th Tribe Global Movement.

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