Though seen largely as a medium of entertainment—film can deliver much more than just entertainment.

Our predecessors in the field of filmmaking utilized art as a means to promote national transformation. They molded the craft to enlighten the people about the detrimental impacts of colonialism and neocolonialism, as demonstrated in the works of Hubert Ogunde’s touring theatre group and Ousmane Sembene, who believed that “African films should primarily be aimed at educating the masses.”

Amidst financial struggles, political unrest, and a breakdown of social order, African filmmakers have an opportunity to inspire positive change by telling stories that resonate with the masses. This won’t be an easy task since everyone’s primary concern is survival, but a well-crafted story can still captivate and influence audiences. Ultimately, the goal is to use the power of storytelling to promote good governance and rebuild the sociocultural fabric of African society.

In our society, people tend to ignore the issues that affect us all because it’s easier to escape poverty by focusing on one’s own business. The system rewards those who don’t resist it. By drawing inspiration from the young child in the story above, we can work towards creating a new Africa by incorporating our desire for a better world into our filmmaking craft.

Africa is in dire need of men who are not just capable of entertaining the mind, but also possess the ability to educate and nourish the soul of its people. Only such men can lead us towards a brighter future, where the true potential of Africa is realized and celebrated. Let us strive to cultivate such leaders and pave the way for a prosperous and thriving Africa.

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'PELUMI A. Pelumi-Folarin

Hi, I'm OLUWANBEPELUMI Pelumi-Folarin, a filmmaker with fifteen years of experience in project and organizational management. I'm passionate about the art and craft of filmmaking and have a proven track record in publication, team building and organisational leadership. I'm currently working at AfroFilm Herald Times Ltd. where I currently serve as the creative team lead. In my free time, I enjoy watching good films/playing the piano/guitar/listening to audiobooks. Feel free to connect with me!

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