What makes a great film director?

What makes a great film director? This is a question that many aspiring filmmakers may ask themselves, but there is no definitive answer. A film director is someone who oversees the creative and technical aspects of making a film. They are responsible for translating a script into a visual and auditory experience that captivates and entertains the audience. A film director has many skills and qualities that contribute to their success in this challenging and rewarding profession.

Here are some common qualities that great directors share:

  • Vision. A great film director has a clear and compelling vision of what they want to achieve with their film. They have a strong sense of the story, the characters, the themes, and the style of their film. They can communicate their vision effectively to their collaborators, such as the actors, the cinematographer, the editor, and the composer.
  • Leadership. A great film director is also a great leader who can inspire and motivate their team to work together towards a common goal. They have the ability to delegate tasks, resolve conflicts, and make decisions under pressure. They also respect and value the input and expertise of their team members, and create a positive and collaborative working environment.
  • Teamwork: A great director knows how to work with actors, crew members, and other collaborators to bring their vision to life. They respect the opinions and expertise of others, and they are open to feedback and suggestions.
  • Communication. A great film director knows how to communicate clearly and respectfully with everyone involved in the film production. They can articulate their ideas, expectations, and feedback in a way that is constructive and supportive. They can also listen actively and attentively to others, and adapt their communication style according to the situation and the person.
  • Patience: A great director understands that filmmaking is a complex and challenging process that requires time and effort. They don’t rush or pressure anyone, but they also don’t waste time or resources. They are realistic about what can be achieved within the budget and schedule, and they adapt to any changes or problems that may arise.
  • Creativity: A great director has a unique and original vision for their film, and they know how to translate it into cinematic language. They use their imagination and skills to craft a compelling story that engages the audience emotionally and intellectually. They are not afraid to experiment or take risks, but they also respect the rules and conventions of their genre and medium.
  • Respect: A great director treats everyone with dignity and professionalism. They don’t yell, insult, or abuse anyone on set. They acknowledge the contributions and achievements of their cast and crew, and they give credit where credit is due. They also respect their audience, and they don’t compromise their artistic integrity or quality for commercial success.
  • Flexibility. A great film director is able to adapt to changing circumstances and overcome obstacles that may arise during the filmmaking process. They can improvise, compromise, and find solutions when things don’t go as planned. They can also balance their artistic vision with the practical realities of time, budget, and resources.
  • Passion. A great film director is passionate about their craft and their film. They have a genuine love and enthusiasm for storytelling, filmmaking, and cinema. They are driven by their artistic vision and their desire to share it with others. They are also committed to learning and improving their skills and knowledge as a filmmaker.

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Hi, I'm OLUWANBEPELUMI Pelumi-Folarin, a filmmaker with fifteen years of experience in project and organizational management. I'm passionate about the art and craft of filmmaking and have a proven track record in publication, team building and organisational leadership. I'm currently working at AfroFilm Herald Times Ltd. where I currently serve as the creative team lead. In my free time, I enjoy watching good films/playing the piano/guitar/listening to audiobooks. Feel free to connect with me!

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