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Except for those that water isn't essential to their existence, no one can escape Maami’s judgment. Certainly not under her watch as Mother of Water.


You are Mother Earth, daughter to Mother Water.

As for you, advance for recognition!

Who are you?

Oh! Just because it’s within your rights to live and to be about your pursuit of happiness, you have assumed it’s also within your reach to appropriate, monopolize and privatize her organs of reproduction, right?

It’s fascinating to see how you have made it your life’s mission, to vilify her for her being accepting of seeds that you can’t lay claim to, seeds that your “intractable neighbors” have planted and will continue to plant.

Look, right here! Regardless of who plows her ridges, or who comes to plant and cultivate her fertility, Mother Earth shall never cease to freely bear fruits. This, of course, is for as long as her cycle of seedtime and harvest endures.

You can’t see?

if Mother Earth weren’t essentially polyandrous, there wouldn’t be enough food supply for all of earth’s inhabitants. You have chosen to remain obstinately opposed to her-growth-culture, otherwise known as agriculture. You are accounted as one of them; those who think they can, without the fear of incurring any liability, shame her by labeling anyone of hers “a harlot.”

Well, as long as you derive your sustenance from water, you must come to be baptized right here in her court of water; come to give account under the watchful eye of her maritime and admiralty law enforcers.

So, welcome to MAMI WATA’s TOLL GATE.

Except for those that water isn’t essential to their existence, no one can escape Maami’s judgment. Certainly not under her watch as Mother of Water.

If you weren’t blind, conceptually, in the first instance, you wouldn’t be standing here, dehydrated and embalmed. But here you are, fixated. You are liable for the defamation of her character.

Sadly, folks like you can’t appreciate the fact that her judgments are never impending. Her judgments are exactly why we are where we are now, individually and collectively. Our dwelling places are federated and cascaded. So, don’t even bother, no one can afford to go public within the republic.

A term of poverty is the due sentence for whoever is found guilty of vilifying her decrees — for profaning the “things belonging to water personalities.”

Ironically, the disintegration of the mental wherewithal with which you would have been able to appreciate the terms of this sentence, is a principal part of the sentence. It is the reason you think that your ancestors erred fatally, yet you can’t see how that you are their fatal error.

“Mami Wata” as she’s fondly called in certain quarters, is the God of equity and justice. And “except a man is born of water and the intractable Holy Wind, he cannot enter the kingdom of God.”

Eye Am, right here, at “Mami Wata’s Toll Gate.” To you alone, Maami, belongs all the glory, all the honor, and all the powers! Forever. And ever.


Photo Credit: World Economic Forum


Achor Yusuf is an alumnus of the National Film Institute Jos in Nigeria. He obtained a Diploma and a Bachelor’s Degree Certificate(s) in Motion Picture Production/Industrial Design from the great citadel of learning. Achor began his professional film career in the year 2005, and has since then built a large body of works to his credit. In 2014, Achor produced four Films for the BBC Media Action, tagged “Enhancing Nigerians Response to HIV/AIDS”. He also produced a 25-part episode drama series entitled “A Band of Five” for ONTV (Cable Network). Towards the end of 2014 and early 2015, he directed the EbonyLife Television Programme “Desperate Housewives Africa.” He is also the Consulting Director of ART@TACK FILM ACADEMY, a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative of the ART@TACK STUDIOS, He is currently a visiting lecturer at the National Film Institute Jos, where he lectures advanced film directing

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