You can find answer when you become intentional with meditation.

No other activity under the sky can reveal the real essence of a man than meditation. Noise is a distraction to your beautifully-complex self. A moment out of noise and distractions will reconnect you to that self who started a journey of purpose since conception. 

Filmmaking is an instrument that can help in remaking the world. Hence, individual filmmakers must tie purpose to this practice.

It is ‘suicidal’ for new bees to hop into a filmmaking career without self-identification, and catastrophic for active players in the business of filmmaking to abandon the practice of realignment with/to purpose through constant meditation. 

What is the purpose? Answering this in the simplest way possible I will say it is understanding what you are here for. The fact that you hate to be compared to another person is a pointer to your intuitive acceptance of your uniqueness. And meditation is the doorway to knowing your true self.

It is impossible for a filmmaker to make a film without dropping a piece of their unique self in their creation. That is why I opine that the depth of the filmmaker will determine the depth of his/her film. Your vastness as a filmmaker will be revealed in the quality of your creative work. 

You can find answer when you become intentional with meditation.

Meditation is a mirroring moment. Picture a young princess who is trying to see her reflection in an unsettled river. She keeps getting that unsteady kind of feedback until she allows the river to settle, only then will she be able to see a steady image of herself. Nobody can be great in any profession without embracing solitude in one form or the other.

Who are you? Why filmmaking? What have you got to offer? Fast forward to your last day here, will you still be proud of the quality of your content? You can find answers to these and many more when you become intentional with meditation.

'PELUMI A. Pelumi-Folarin

Hi, I'm OLUWANBEPELUMI Pelumi-Folarin, a filmmaker with fifteen years of experience in project and organizational management. I'm passionate about the art and craft of filmmaking and have a proven track record in publication, team building and organisational leadership. I'm currently working at AfroFilm Herald Times Ltd. where I currently serve as the creative team lead. In my free time, I enjoy watching good films/playing the piano/guitar/listening to audiobooks. Feel free to connect with me!

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