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Prostitution: It’s Complicated

It's not about having multiple partners, but rather treating sex like...

Prostitution: It’s Complicated

Well, well, well, let’s talk about prostitution, shall we? It’s when sex is turned into a scarce and essential commodity, and you can only get it on the “black market.” Think of it as a brothel, but not the kind you find in a “red light district.” Oh no, this is more like a secret club where you need a secret handshake to get in.

But wait, there’s more! Even marriage can be a form of prostitution if sex is used as a reward for “good behaviour.” It’s like a brothel, but in your own home, and only one person gets to enjoy the services. Talk about a VIP experience!

Now, let’s get biblical for a minute. According to Paul of Tarsus, yielding your body to a prostitute is a big no-no. He thinks your body is like a temple, and you shouldn’t be joining it with just anyone. And in another text, prostitutes are equated with dogs. The price of a bingo? Ouch, that’s a low blow. 

The bottom line is that prostitution is all about commodifying sex. It’s not about having multiple partners, but rather treating sex like a product to be bought and sold. And while it may not be illegal in some places, tax evasion sure is. Even the shadow economy can’t escape the long arm of the tax man.

Maybe we should start registering marriages as a way to keep track of who’s eligible for taxation. It’s worth investigating, especially when it comes to poll tax. Who knew talking about prostitution could be so taxing?

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Achor Yusuf is an alumnus of the National Film Institute Jos in Nigeria. He obtained a Diploma and a Bachelor’s Degree Certificate(s) in Motion Picture Production/Industrial Design from the great citadel of learning. Achor began his professional film career in the year 2005, and has since then built a large body of works to his credit. In 2014, Achor produced four Films for the BBC Media Action, tagged “Enhancing Nigerians Response to HIV/AIDS”. He also produced a 25-part episode drama series entitled “A Band of Five” for ONTV (Cable Network). Towards the end of 2014 and early 2015, he directed the EbonyLife Television Programme “Desperate Housewives Africa.” He is also the Consulting Director of ART@TACK FILM ACADEMY, a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative of the ART@TACK STUDIOS, He is currently a visiting lecturer at the National Film Institute Jos, where he lectures advanced film directing

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